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Thigh Strap Suspenders

Image of Thigh Strap Suspenders

Fully elastic with two high quality and fully functioning 1 inch metal suspender clips and adjusters on each strap (please note adjusters may vary due to availability).

Order from our range of sizes or for a bespoke fit, send your thigh circumference measurement with payment. We reccomend ordering around 2 inches smaller than your thigh circumference.

Size XS - 16 Inches

Size S - 18 Inches

Size M - 20 Inches

Size L - 22 Inches

Size XL - 24 Inches

Hand made to order. Please note items can take up to a week to dispatch.

Pro Photos:
Model: Becky Holt

Model: Bam Bam Blue
Photography: Pirate Photography

Model: Klaudia
Photography: Katelizabeth