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Tri Strap Suspenders

Image of Tri Strap Suspenders

Pull your stockings up or your dress down.

Three thin straps of elastic circle each thigh, Hipster, goth, 90's, sexy. Wear with holds ups, over the knee socks, or alone. Fully elastic with two high quality and fully functioning 1 inch metal suspender clips and adjusters on each strap (please note adjusters may vary due to availability)

Order from our range of sizes or for a bespoke fit, send your thigh circumference measurement with payment. We reccomend ordering around 2 inches smaller than your thigh circumference.

Size XS - 16 Inches

Size S - 18 Inches

Size M - 20 Inches

Size L - 22 Inches

Size XL - 24 Inches

Hand made to order. Please note items can take up to a week to dispatch.

Pro Photo Credits:

Image 1
Model: Klaudia
Photography: Katelizabeth Photography

Image 2
Model: Scarlet Duggen
Photographer: Gemma Edwards
MUA: Zoe McIntyre
Hair: Kirsten Bassett

Image 2
Model: Elizabeth Gracie
Photography: Katelizabeth Photography
MUA: Hadassah: Makeup and Beauty
Blindfold: fräulein kink